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Enter the Fandom!

Please leave your preconceptions and closed-mindedness at the door!

Lady Ravenpan's Fandom Writings
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Welcome to Lady Ravenpan's Fandom Writings journal! This is for me, ravenpan to post all my fandom writings for you, my fantastic readers, to see at your leisure, and not have to deal with my real life stuff!

I write in Dragonball/Z/GT, Star Wars, Occasional X-men, and most often, at least nowadays, HARRY POTTER

I write a lot of Slash, a little of Het. Each chapter of a story will be rated individually. if you don't like Slash, or don't want to read anything intimate, please pay attention to the note. In non-pwp there is ALWAYS a link you can click to skip the smut - so that is up to you.

None of the worlds that will be posted to this journal, belong to ravenpan, as much as I wish they did. They belong to their individual creators.

The ideas, however, are mine (and the co author'd ones are my and my co's) so please, please do not steal them.

Any art I post, please do not steal. You may link to the entry, but no hot-linking. I'm not made of bandwidth :)

Anything I post will have the media (art or fic), the fandom, the title, and the rating in the heading :)

I'll probably use the usual "this is this, by this, for this, rated this" etc. - in the first part, and everything else (story/drabble/artwork) will be behind a cut :)

MEMORIES WILL BE SORTED BY STORY/ART, NOT FANDOM (for the most part), since they're stupid and don't let you subsort :) I will say which fandom it is, perhaps even the pairing if it is needed. :) ALL ONESHOTS will be in ONE memory section. But, don't worry, I still state the fandom in the 'title'.

PLEASE *PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE* COMMENT ON THE POSTS THAT ARE MADE! Thanks! :) Even if it's just an "I read it" would be great... I just want to know if people are bothering to read my stories or look at my art :)

Also, PLEASE pay attention to story ratings. Any not-PWP-fics WILL have internal links so that you can read the story, click, and skip sex if you're at work, or don't want to read nitty gritty. I've had to lock the journal, simply comment to be added and to read stories or look at art. I don't sub-lock, so YOU take responsibility for looking at fic/art - if you're underage, it's on your head - I do put in disclaimers and warning up the whazoo - so if you 'stumble' across it, you must be wearing a blindfold *smiles*.

Welcome! I hope you enjoy!