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The Creativator

FLUFF FRIDAY : Happiness (H/D/LL)

Characters: Harry/Draco/Luna
Rated: G
For: Fluff Friday - 13'th February 2009
Skyehawke Link


Looking out at Twilight, that eighth year of Hogwarts, one could see many things. The light gleaming off the White Tomb of Dumbledore, bouncing across the grounds to the Battle of Hogwarts Memorial. Students, learning life after the war again, walking quietly close to the castle, picking around fallen masonry occasionally. But if you looked further. Past the monuments, past the empty grounds, near the edge of the devastated Forbidden Forest....

A White Rabbit. An Arctic Fox. A Black Panther. A food chain in nature, this trio broke all the rules. The rabbit pounced on the fox, tumbling him to the ground as the panther prowled around, swiping playfully at them both, claws sheathed. The two smaller animals chasing after the panther as though HE were meant to be the prey, pouncing him when he playfully tumbled to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, three students rolled about on the grass. Two, shining blond hair atop both their heads, laughed as they tickled their black haired counterpart mercilessly. The laughter floated across the grounds, warming the hearts of any who heard.

Perhaps after the war, there was still hope. Hope that things could be rebuilt. Hope that lines would be crossed.

If people like Harry, Draco, and Luna could find peace and happiness with each other - couldn't they all?

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